Mission & Vision

MarLab works with the broader university community and businesses to develop knowledge and practices to assist in the rapidly evolving field of marketing. By having marketing experts at the university, MarLab serves as a nexus to link various disciplines with practitioners, students and other academics to understand and drive new concepts and approaches to marketing.

MarLab conducts cutting-edge marketing research by bringing together marketing academics and practitioners to discuss innovations in the marketing field and forecast their impact in the future marketplace. Events such as conferences, workshops and seminars organized by MarLab aim to bringing leading minds together and exploring new ideas and directions. MarLab connects the University of Macedonia faculty, researchers and professionals around the world to study the impact of societal, economic and technological changes on the role of marketing and its practices.

The mission of MarLab is to leverage the knowledge and expertise of the University of Macedonia and affiliated faculty to help marketing executives solve marketing issues their companies face. Specifically, our purpose is to align important marketing problems with academic research and analysis techniques to develop strategies that improve business performance and facilitate business-academic collaboration to create and disseminate marketing knowledge.



Our commitment to outstanding marketing science is strong and unwavering, requiring extraordinary passion and a commitment to creativity and innovation.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our laboratory. It enhances the ability of the individual to contribute and aligns all of us in the pursuit of our research mission.


Commitment to communication is fundamental to our success. It fosters trust, clarity, inclusion, and better decision-making.


We recognize the significance of the individual to our mission and hold ourselves accountable to provide a supportive environment for our colleagues, partners, associates and students so that they can perform to their fullest.


MarLab‘s objectives are:

  • To support undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research needs of the Department of Business Administration and other departments at the University of Macedonia in marketing related topics.
  • To promote modern marketing and its importance to the Greek companies and organizations in order to enhance their extroversion and sustainable development.
  • To develop and conduct research activities on marketing and to create marketing databases.
  • To organize scientific meetings, conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences and other scientific events.
  • To publish in highly recognized international journals and invite Greek and foreign internationally recognized academics in the field of marketing to the University of Macedonia.
  • To collaborate with other universities, academic institutions, laboratories and research centers domestically and abroad with common research interests and goals.
  • To work with public sector bodies, local authorities, scientific and social organizations, business organizations and international bodies or organizations in the field of marketing in order to submit research proposals to funding organizations and develop alternative methods in facing marketing and business problems.
  • To offer services to individuals and any form of organization/business in order to promote extroversion and competitiveness of Greek businesses.
  • To develop and encourage interdisciplinary research in solving marketing problems.
  • To collaborate with national and international bodies and organizations for the wider dissemination of modern marketing, its principles and practices.
  • To support educational programs and counseling services in marketing.
  • To continuously be updated on developments in the field of marketing.
  • To train business personnel and executives in basic marketing principles, in modern approaches and how to use new technologies for marketing purposes.