A very successful seminar on Multi-stakeholder Dialogue for/and Sustainable Transformative Change took place at the Conference Room of the Department of Business Administration, University of Macedonia. Faculty members of the University of Macedonia and Aristoteles University as well as Ph.D. students attended the seminar and had the chance to interact and make fruitful discussions with the two presenters: Samuel Petros Sebhatu and Maria Francesca Renzi.

About the Presenters:

Samuel Petros Sebhatu, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Karlstad Business School and a senior researcher at the Service Research Center – CTF, Karlstad University, Sweden. His research focuses on management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), business models, innovation, corporate governance, and sustainability in different contexts of service research in both private and public sectors. He has also studied sustainability in the city context from a service ecosystem perspective. He conducted extensive studies of cities’ ecosystems. Currently, he is working on Transformation (Transformative Change) and Innovation in relation to multi-stakeholder dialogue and Agenda2030 – sustainable developmental goals (SDGs). He has an extensive network of research and education. He is part of an Expert Pedagogy (Ex Peg) group within the PRME global on the IMPACTFUL 5 (i5) project, representing the PRME – Nordic chapter. He is the PRME Manager at Karlstad Business School.

Maria Francesca Renzi is a Full Professor in the Department of Business Studies at Roma Tre University, Italy. She teaches Quality Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability, and Operation Management. Her areas of interest involve quality management in the public and private sectors, service research, sustainable service ecosystem, corporate social responsibility, and transformative service research. In these fields, she has published 92 scientific contributions. She serves as coordinator of many national and international research projects. She is involved in several national committees as a quality assessor. She is a member of the Italian Academy of Commodity Science (AISME) and the Italian Academia of Management (AIDEA).