The marketing laboratory MARLAB of the University of Macedonia, in collaboration with Douleutaras, develops technical professionals into new-generation entrepreneurs!

For the first time in Thessaloniki, after Athens and Cyprus, MARLAB and Douleutaras offered tο professional associates of the latter a specialized certification program, proving in practice that it leads the new era of technical professions.

Faithful to its vision to highlight the business dimension of technical professions, Douleutaras ( provides its professional partners with the “Modern Entrepreneurship & Development” Certification Program. For the first time in Thessaloniki, the professional associates of Douleutaras had the opportunity to attend and receive a certification from the most distinguished training program for professional craftsmen, as well as useful knowledge that will allow them to develop their business.

The Pros Academy Certification Program is a pioneering Douleutaras educational initiative that highlights applied knowledge and its practical benefits. It is a comprehensive educational process of action and feedback from distinguished professors and market executives, in collaboration with the marketing laboratory MARLAB under the umbrella of the University of Macedonia.

Always having at its core the excellent service of the users of the platform as well as the professional development of its professionals, Douleutaras created the “Modern Entrepreneurship & Development” Certification Program with the aim of providing knowledge in a wide range of entrepreneurship topics as well as in the development skills and methodologies of modern business. Thus, integrated customer service, complaint management, human resources, and partner management, as well as a new sales and revenue growth unit, are the central axes on which the program is structured in all three cities.

The program started in Thessaloniki at the beginning of October, 2022 and ended on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 20:15. The 30 professionals who attended the 30 hours of training received a relevant certificate at the special ceremony that took place at the University of Macedonia. The detailed program of the event is listed:

  • 20:15–20:20: Speech of thanks by Mr. Pouloupatis, CEO Douleutaras
  • 20:20–20:25: Speech of thanks by the Professor, Mrs. Rodoula Tsiotsou, Director of the MARLAB 
  • 20:25–20:55: Awarding of certifications to each individual professional.
  • 20:55–21:00: Photos of all participants in the program

The Program on the news: