Successful Completion Of Project “DESINNOLOSERV” (November 28, 2019)

The project entitled “Designing Innovative Logistics Services Via Customer Research” (“DESINNOLOSERV”) MARLAB has undertaken on behalf of LAMAIGNERE (a logistics Spanish company) has been successfully completed. The project was funded by the EU and the 4helix+ initiative. The outcomes of the project confirm the high-quality logistics services offered by LAMAIGNERE and indicate high client satisfaction levels. Moreover, the outcomes have provided some useful insights into its clients’ profile while they guide LAMAIGNERE in future strategic initiatives. The results of the project were presented by the Director of MARLAB, Professor, Rodoula Tsiotsou to the top management of the company on Thursday, November 28, 2019 in Seville, Spain!

From left to right: Professor, Rodoula Tsiotsou (Director of MARLAB), Mr. Jesus Moran Montes (Systems Manager, Lamaignere), Mr. Juan Manuel Marín Varela (Communications Manager, Lamaignere), Mr. Francisco Herrero Maldonado (CEO and General Director, Lamaignere), and Mr. Alvaro Gonzalez Carrion (Deputy Director, Lamaignere)

Videos of the presentation of the results of the project.


LAMAIGNERE’s announcements of the results of the project: