Very Successful Was The One-Day Event With The Theme “The Role Of Marketing In The Extroversion And Internationalization Of The Greek Enterprises” (December 7, 2017)

Very successful was the One-Day Event with the theme “The Role of Marketing in the Extroversion and Internationalization of the Greek Enterprises”, which was organized by the Marketing Laboratory MARLAB, the Master of International Business, and the Business Administration Department on December 7, 2017. The event took place at the Ceremony Amphitheater at the University of Macedonia!

The event began with music and songs that were played by Spiros Kakalis, Konstantinos Notas and Paschalis Nendos, students of Business Administration Department. The audience was cheered by their notes and Konstantinos’ voice and warmly applauded them.

Professor , Mr. Ioannis Hajidimitriou , who is also the President of Business and Administration Department and Director of the Master of International Business (MIB), welcomed the attendees of the event and thanked the speakers for their presence!

Afterwards, the Associate Professor and Director of Marketing Laboratory (MARLAB), Mrs. Rodoula Tsiotsou, welcomed  and thanked the event’s spokesmen, MARLAB’s volunteers and the attendees, while also she gave the opportunity to some of them to win a T-shirt as gift from the Laboratory.

Dr. Kiriakos Loufakis, President of SEVE (Greek International Business Association) and CEO of Loufakis Chemicals, during his speech he emphasized that; “Taking for granted the goodwill the implementation of International Marketing is making to the success of exporting in business, we should all focus on addressing the existing problems which are the breaks in the further expansion of extraversion. The continuous education and regular information on issues about the Export Marketing will help the enterprises and the public bodies understand the importance of International Marketing and develop the appropriate strategies for its successful implementation. Moreover, it is important for Greek Businesses, in general, to educate and train their executives on International Marketing and International Business, given the fact that the foreign companies- competitors on international markets have high leveled executives in technocratic knowledge and training on these issues. Thus, Greek enterprises, in order to deal with them effectively, they need to have skilled human resource with relevant knowledge.

Mr. Dimitrios Lakasas, CEO of Olympia Electronics, presented his company and mentioned that Olympia Electronics is dealing with security systems and its philosophy is the production of High Quality products, with valid certifications (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, LPCB, VdS, TUV, Lloyd’s, ΕΛΚΕΠΗΥ, EVPU, ANCO, EMV, PHOENIX TEST LAB, LS, MIKES BABT, or countries such as UAE, GOST, EURO CERT). Through an effective Research and Development Department, the company achieves the growth of innovative products and it strengthens the market penetration (it owns over 55% of share in domestic market, 70% of exports). Strategically, Olympia Electronics’ geographic position strengthens the International Orientation with a wide sales network and synergy. Additionally, the company in order to gain a dominant position in industry is flexibly approaching specific segments of Market which have special features.

Conference speakers’ panel (from left); Dr. Kiriakos Loufakis, Mrs Ioanna Tziritis, Professor Mr. Ioannis Hajidimitriou (coordinator), Mrs. Christina Kotikostas and Mr. Dimitrios Lakasas.





Mrs. Christina Kotikostas, Kleemann’s Group Marketing Manager, during her speech, she mentioned that Kleemann is active worldwide in more than 100 countries, achieving, in 2016, a 116 million euros turnover, of which 106 million euros comes from international sales. For Kleemann, marketing’s goal is to create, provide value to its customers and communicate its products to the market, always aiming the profit. Moreover, Kleemann, in order to choose the right market model, examines: firstly the existing markets, then the dynamic of each one and finally if these markets follow a linear growth or not. In addition, company’s success in the International Market is, strongly, due to its working environment, for which it has been awarded twice until today. Finally, Kleemann has been charged with major projects worldwide, such as AVIVA stadium in Ireland, the world’s 5th largest shopping mall, etc. , providing to its customers complete solutions and the best products’ range.

Mrs. Ioanna Tziritis, ISOMAT’s Marketing Manager, said that the company is engaged in the chemical products and mortar industry. Following an extraversion strategy, ISOMAT is mainly active in the Balkans by having productive and commercial affiliates and simultaneously exporting to 50 countries around the world. Additionally, in order to produce innovative products that cover customer’s needs, company is based on its human resources’ expertise (55 engineers and chemists) in its 5 Research and Development Laboratories (R&D). These laboratories are manned with scientific staff which is dedicated to continuous development of new products. Therefore, ISOMAT through this exertion to produce High Quality products has achieved to obtain certifications such as ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001. The next goal for ISOMAT is to clarify its image to its customers, for that reason it has been taken into consideration organizing the Marketing Department. This image is shown through Digital Marketing on many social media, on company’s website, as well as in many international exhibitions where ISOMAT has taken part in.

The event closed up with questions made by the audience which remained until the end.

Event Highlights: More than 850 pre-subscriptions!!! More than 600 attendees!!! A crowded Amphitheatre (seats added while there were standing ones too)!! Beautiful music and songs played by the students of Business Administration Department!! Excellent speeches!!!
For one more time, MARLAB’s volunteers were impressed with their consistency and organization!!